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Clamping system PGR

Spannsystem PGR

The clamping system PGR is a new mechanical tool clamping system with extremely high clamping force and excellent concentricity. The ­system consists of the tool holder, the high-precision collet and a ­compact clamping unit. The collet is pressed into the tool holder with a force of 90 kN, the maximum torque to be transferred and the holding power of the clamping system PGR are higher than those of shrink-fit chucks. In addition, PGR permits the safe ­clamping of very small tool diameters.

The PGR collets have a taper shank with plane contact surface and a central bore for the tool shank.
Collet and cutting tool are simply pressed into the PGR tool holder and pulled out again together after use. In this way, a tool can be changed within 10 seconds.
The pressure fit provided by the taper creates a radial force which is concentrated on the tool shank by way of the slotted collet, and which holds the tool safely and with a high degree of concentricity.

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